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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Can You Feel It?

Can you feel it? Oh, that wonderful time of the year when sleigh bells ring, icicles gleam, and visions of sugarplums fill the eyes of all us children. There’s fresh snow on the ground and more is promised, most of the harvest has been canned, frozen, or smoked and hanging, and we can hear a Christmas song or two on the radio. Once again, I’m ten-years-old, quivering in anticipation, and knowing that I’ll get my traditional package of underpants from Aunt Barbara.

Hot chocolate is good, laced with schnapps is better, and the fireplace stays lit all day long. Mama sneaks off to the bedroom when no one is looking and wraps things labeled, “Do Not Open Till Christmas”, which gives Papa a chance for another well-laced hot chocolate.

The neighbor adds a garland of bells to the breast collar on his favorite gelding and pranced down the lane singing at the top of his lungs, “Sleigh Bells Ring, are you listenin’?” and we are, and we join in. There’s not a scrooge one in this old neighborhood. One more hot chocolate and I’ll put a garland of bells around my neck and go prancing down the lane myself.

Get the lights out, strung all over the living room floor, and sure, you bet, there’s one bulb out. Where did I put those extras? Mama! She brings me a green one and I wind up the lot and take them onto the porch for stringing. What would I do without that charming lady?

Those Holly Jolly Blues
For Mama

Here he comes,
Dancin’ and shakin’ and laughin’ and givin’,
Awash in the holly jolly mood, covered in
Wools and fur, reds and whites.

‘An here I am,
Cryin’ and poutin’ and cussin’ and sad,
Feelin’ sorry for me, not carin’ ‘bout nothin’.
Ripped denim, dirty socks, not white.

In you walk,
Dancin’ and shakin’ that bootie, givin’ me life
Prancin’ about in heels and net, covered in
Silks and gauze, reds, and sheer.

No blues tonight,
Not with a princess in hand, Santa Claus smile,
Santa Claus laugh, a holly jolly mood, us covered
In reds and whites and satin sheets.

It all starts with Halloe’en, with children playing as ghosts and goblins, gathering baskets full of candy and goodies, while Mom and Pop dress up as childhood heroes, acting as silly as the children. Then, of course comes Thanksgiving, with families coming together to cheer their favorite football team, argue their favorite politician, and eat tons of everything that Grandma can cook. More pie, darlin;?

The stores light up, strobe strength, with sales on top of sales, insisting that you can do no better for your friends and loved ones than by shopping with them. Raise the price thirty percent on Wednesday, and have a twenty percent off sale on Friday. It’s Green Christmas all over again (Thank you Stan Freeburg). But, with just one more little cup of laced hot chocolate, everything will be fine.

These wonderful times finally come to a close on New Year’s Day, and we discover that the world is still there, those same politicians are still making vague promises, and those twenty percent off sales happen with regularity. No more parties until February second, Ground Hog Day.

Mama, can I please have just one more hot chocolate, with just a wee drop of schnapps?

Until next time, read good books and stay regular

Johnny Gunn
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