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Friday, December 30, 2016

Hand me down my can of beans

Where are we going?
I don’t know.
When are we going to get there?
I don’t care.
Why are we going?
Ah, that may be the proper question.

We enter yet another circling of that hot orb known as Sol, and many won’t remember because they will be drunk and stupid. Others will be on the journey and remember. Neither is a requisite. Back to the question. The only answer allowed is simply:

Because we’re here.

Entering the year 2017 isn’t a mother-may-I quiz, it’s simply a case of not dying on December 31. So we accept our lot in life, but do we enter as intelligent adults, screaming children, or fools? Answering is not mandatory since we will enter as we leave. That is, if we’re a fool leaving 2016 we will enter 2017 as a fool.

I have experienced 79 New Year celebrations and yet, I’m but 78 years old. They are getting a bit tedious but I’m not willing to give the next one, or the next many, up. I’ll simply sleep through the process as I’ve done for probably 73 of the previous orgies. Since I’m a believer in personal freedom I don’t believe I have the right to suggest that you shouldn’t celebrate this time of entering the next orbit, but I will ask what it is you think you’re celebrating.

I have danced naked on the streets of Virginia City, but not on New Year’s Eve. Too damn cold. My good friend Jose Cuervo danced with me, and we sang “Hand Me Down My Can of Beans” over and over. I’ve jumped naked in the icy cold waters of Lake Tahoe. But never on New Year’s Eve. Too cold. I believe I was swimming with Jack Daniels on that occasion. We sang “Ninety Nine Bottles of Beer On the Wall.”

Some use this new year concept to recreate themselves by swearing before the gods of ancient Greece that they will lose weight and not be late for work and use their turn signals and take out the garbage without being asked. I found this little ditty on facebook the other day and have taken it in to be nourished and loved.

Don’t expect any New Years resolutions from me.
I intend on staying the same awkward, Sarcastic,
Foul-mouthed delight
You’ve all come to know and love.

Patty and I planned to have a smoked salmon salad sometime around four o’clock with dinner of roasted goose, mashed potatoes and gravy, and home made rolls at about seven or so. A movie I won’t remember will follow, and then it’s off to bed. Surely some idiot neighbor will fire off a few rounds, not giving a damn where the bullets might land, sometime around midnight, and I’ll whisper Happy New Year in her ear, and thus, the next orbit about old Sol will begin.


Until next time, read good books and stay regular

Johnny Gunn
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