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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

more holiday fun

As I said in the previous entry of this continuing tome, this is an exciting time of the year from so many different angles. Parties of course, banquets, and from my point of view, even my work. This is when publishing companies invite those that are contracted with them to produce work for holiday themed anthologies, and I for one love the idea.

Short stories are difficult to write because they have to be short for them to really pop. The most difficult part of the story is how to bring it to a justified but definite end. An end that is satisfying to me as the writer, and satisfying to you the reader.

Solstice Publishing has just released their annual horror anthologies, that’s right, two of them this year. Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, Volumes three and four. I have a short story in volume four called Over There. All of the stories in both volumes are scary as hell, which makes it fun reading this time of year.

Solstice then releases the individual stories as stand alone short story e-books, which is really nice. I’ve been lucky to have stories in Now I Lay Me Down volume one and now volume 4. I also have stories in the valentines anthology, Adventures in Love, and coming up on Black Friday, the newest Christmas or Holiday anthology, which I’ll be touting your way soon.

There’s more to it, of course. The publishing company has an opportunity to offer, in one publication, the work of many of their writers, thus possibly introducing those writers to a new audience. It’s a win=win for the publishers and the authors. If you should buy volume four, for example, you will be introduced to several authors you may not have read before, which could lead to more book sales for the publisher and for that author.

When I made the transition from writing as a news reporter to writing fiction, I broke in by way of short stories. I was very lucky and had many short stories published over the years before I attempted to write novels. I still love writing short stories and jump at the opportunity to indulge.

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, Vol. 4 is available now, in e-book or print,
and the new holiday anthology will go on presale in a week or so and be available on Black Friday, amazon. I’ll put up the information on FaceBook and Twitter.

Patty made a batch of sugar cookies yesterday, and it’s my job to taste test, so I must run. I’m sure you understand.

Until next time, read good books and stay regular

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