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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Banner Year

We made it past Groundhog Day, welcomed Spring, and passed by Tax Day, not to mention the first third of the year has almost slipped away. Along with that, my novel, Jacob Chance, U.S. Marshal will be released through Solstice Publishing some time soon, and two of my short stories will be published in up coming months.

Duke Pennell, editor at Frontier Tales has my story “Justin’s Hole” scheduled for the May issue, and Yellow Mama editor Cindy Rosmus will publish “Dead Man Talking” in June. From my point of view, 2015 is looking to be a banner year.

Notes from around the J bar P ranchero: I have plowed the vegetable garden areas, we have two, and need to make them rabbit and ground squirrel proof. I’m not big on killing animals I’m not planning to eat, so that is out. Can’t shoot them here anyway, too many people living too close, and can’t poison the little thieves, too many domestic animals running around.

So, looks like I’ll do some chicken wire fencing around the plants most likely to be attacked, beans and peas for sure. Not to worry about squash, melons, cuckes, cuz they don’t much care for the stickery leaves, and I’m putting them in raised beds anyway. We plant several thousand square feet of corn and those plants are only susceptible to rabbit attack during the first couple of weeks and we don’t have that many wild rabbits.

Tomatoes are safe, but none of the peppers are. They’ll be plotted out, Bell and Chili, along with cauliflower. The big worry is the ground squirrel attack. They ate dozens of onions from underground last year. Hmmm. Beets, carrots, and turnips can go in raised beds, but what to do about the onions?

Maybe, like with the corn, overwhelm the little buggers with numbers. Instead of more than a hundred onion sets, how about several hundred. Go for the percentage.

I’ll keep you posted. Until next time, read good books and stay regular.

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