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Monday, May 4, 2015

Anxious and Sad

I’ve done the edit, the final edit, and the final read. Now, awaiting the announcement of the release of my novel, “Jacob Chance, U.S. Marshal.” And while I’m excited, anxious, maybe even prepared, I’m also sad.

Why? Well, from this point forward, I have absolutely no control over anything. Up until this moment, I have had full and one hundred percent control, and now, no control, and that is both frightening and sad. He’s gone, my friend, my hero, my hope for good things to happen, old Jacob Chance, U.S. Marshal will no longer be my daily companion.

Jacob and I have created mischief, started wars, fought criminals, fallen in love, traipsed through gorgeous mountains, traversed valleys and plains, and brought bad guys to the bar. We’ve drank beer, slurped coffee, smoked cheroots, and eaten hard tack and side meat, and we won’t do that again.

Well, now, wait just a minute, Mr. Gunn, sir. Hold on there, pard. Let’s write a sequel, and we can then enjoy this character we’ve been so close to for so long. Yup, I do believe that’s what I’ll do.

Well, then, nntil next time, read good books and stay regular.

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