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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

To Be Human? Why?

Many years ago there was a wonderful little literary journal called The Iconoclast, published out of Mohegan Lake, New York and edited by Phil Wagner. In the early years of this century it was one of the journals that were difficult in which to get published. Mr. Wagner had very high standards. To keep April, Poetry Month moving forward, I offer “To Be Human, #3.” It’s #3 because it took three re-writes before Wagner would accept the work. This came out in Issue #80, in 2001.

To Be Human, #3

Oh, to be human, such a magnificent thing.
Born ignorant, dumb, and with no morals,
No understanding of right and wrong,
Gloriously selfish, with passion and
Fervor to “Have.”

Oh, to be human, so wont of life’s choices.
To desire that which we don’t have,
And kill for it. To demean that which others
Have. And steal it. Original sin is only
A concept of others.

Oh, to be human, such a magnificent thing.
History teaches and we won’t learn. The
Elders are just names, with no meaning.
Stars are what we reach for. Again, that
Zeal to “Have.”

Oh, to be human. It’s just unfair.
Morality to be learned from the immoral,
Intellectual dignity taught by the uncouth.
Oh, the injustice of being human. Then again,
You might have been born the snake.

So, we ask, who might your favorite poet be? Over the time of recorded history there have only been ten or twelve million writing in every means of communication this world has known.

Another question to ponder: Will our first visitors from outside our planetary system have and enjoy poetry? As always, read good books and stay regular.

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