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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Introspection 2011

Lists, this time of year, are as plentiful as weeds in spring, so I will not add to the barrel.  That said, one should take a moment from time to time for introspection, and the new year stands as a beacon for one of those times.  My publishing career, with its major change from reporting and editing to that of writing fiction and poetry, and as the one doing the writing, is a change for the better.

Murder, political intrigue, rape, and incest are still the subjects at hand, but now, I can choose the characters, make them behave any way I wish, and see to it that the good guys win once in a while and the bad guys go down hard.  I can add flowery verse or doom and gloom, create fun characters, or evil, horrible ones at the click of a keystroke.  My choice.

None of that should put my long career as a reporter in a bad light.  I had the honor and pleasure of publishing and editing the Virginia City Legend weekly newspaper for more than three years, I had a grand time as senior editor at Nevada’s AdNews for several years, and most recently spent almost seven years as editor of the Nevada Observer, and being able to report on statewide events and happenings.

And, I can’t leave out my initial years in journalism as a broadcaster.  I spent many hours with McClatchy’s KOH in Reno, with DonRey’s KOLO in Reno, and with other radio outlets in Sacramento, Lodi, San Jose, and Watsonville.

I guess what that ends up saying is, I know murder, political intrigue, rape, and incest, and can have a grand time for many years to come creating fun, scary, hopefully interesting stories with totally fictional characters drawn from real life.

So, there’s my list, and may yours bring you as much pleasure.  Have a grand New Year, read good books, and stay regular.

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