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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Good News For a Change

This is starting out to be a great month.  Rope and Wire, the fine western story e-magazine,, has published one of my stories, invited me to have a blog on the site, which I have started, and now has created a book store within the site.  It will feature, among many others, my book, a collection of western short stores called, Out of the West … Tales of the American Frontier.

And …

I don’t know if you’ve ever run into the series of humor called Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader or not, but the anthologies are often screamingly funny.  My short story, “Cold is My Love”, will be in the next issue out, which they are calling Uncle John’s Flush Fiction.  A note from the associate editor, Brian Boone says the collection is “Excellent.”  Don’t know the publication date yet, and will keep you informed.

I now have five Simon Sol Dorsey mystery noir short stories written and am furiously working on the first Sol Dorsey novel.  Dorsey is a private detective lost in the 21st Century, acting more like a private dick from the mid nineteen hundreds.  More on this as things develop.

Have a great day, read good books, and stay regular.

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