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Monday, December 14, 2015

Holly Jolly Blues

Someone was not too pleased with my last blog about mud puddles, humor, enjoying what life has to offer. This person implied that with all the hate flowing through the air, people willing to kill those they don’t know, and politicians doing what-ever-it-is-that-politicians-do, I should not have been so flip about life. Well, I thought, since I can’t do much about Iraq or Syria, much less about Hillary or The Donald, I might just as well enjoy a good mud puddle.

Again, the question was asked, what kind of person are you? Don’t you care? Well, put simply, I’m not the kind of person that sits and broods about the problems of the world. I plan, in broad generalization, for the future, and find that dealing with each day as it flows through my aura, a far better way.

Do I care? Most certainly, I do. Can I do anything about Iraq or The Donald? Most certainly, not. While my life will be impacted in ways, over which I have no control, I would rather worry about whether or not that puddle is deep enough to go over the top of my boot.

My wife, that darling little girl known as Patty, gets a little tired of hearing me say, “worry about those things you can do something about, and not those things, about which you have no control.” She’s smiling and wagging her pretty head right now, reading this. But it’s a great truth.

Planning with a broad brush allows for changes if a change is offered, for adjustments for those things we can control, and for disallowing those things that won’t work. Recognizing when an opportunity is presented is a big part of my plans working. Here’s a little poem I wrote that will show how one suffering greatly from the blues takes advantage of an offered change.

Those Holly jolly blues

Here he comes,
         Dancin’ and shakin’ and laughin’ and givin’
         Awash in the holly jolly mood, covered in
                  Wools and fur, reds and whites.

‘An here I am,
         Cryin’ and poutin’ and cussin’ and sad,
         Feelin’ sorry for me, not carin’ bout nothin’.
                  Ripped denim, dirty socks, not white

In you walk,
         Dancin’ and shakin’ that bootie, givin’ me life,
         Prancin’ about in heels and net, covered in
                  Silks and gauze, reds, and sheer.

No blues tonight,
         Not with a princess in hand, Santa Claus smile,
         Santa Claus laugh, a holly jolly mood, us covered
                  In reds and whites and satin sheets

Oh, my, but a little change in attitude goes a long way. Life can be full of surprises, some as ugly as Iraq and Syria, and others as much fun as jumping in the middle of a mud puddle and finding out, damn me, it’s over my boot top. If you have to worry, then for heaven’s sake, make it something that’s really worth your time and effort.

Until next time, have the merriest of Christmases and the happiest of new years. And, always, read good books and stay regular.

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