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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

And so, we start over...

We made it through Christmas, at least in our family. Hope yours was fine. Now, we have to give some thought to the future and what it might or might not hold for us. A time for reflection, but more to the point, a time for introspection, and possibly a time for hope.  

A look back at 2015 and there are shards of pleasure mixed with the detritus of misery, which is pretty much life anyway. Glancing into the future, through a glass darkly? Or not.  

What a bleak time we might have at the polls come November if our only choice is a liar vs an egomaniac/narcissist. More than three hundred million people and this is the best we have? I will not, under any circumstances vote for Hillary, and I will not, under any circumstances vote for The Donald. These two simply cannot be the best people in the world to lead this nation.

From the likes of Lincoln, Jefferson, FDR, Reagan, Ike, and JFK, we have degenerated to this pit of grime is sickening. It is at times like this that I’m thankful of just how old I am, for if I were still among those with peach fuzz, I would be terrified. Being with those with few hairs, and those that are still there are white, I am well aware that I won’t have to live for a long length of time with the chaos this might bring.

Change the subject!!!

My personal 2015 was just plain damn good. I have five books published, one currently under review, and three as works in progress. Along with all that, I’m still writing short stories, which I really enjoy, and have one collection of short stories under review. Yeah, 2015 was a fine year, a vintage to remember, with anticipation riding high for 2016.

As for my publishing career, it is to my benefit to build my image, my brand, and that will be up to those that read or will read my work. If you like it, tell a friend. Between a long career in broadcast newsrooms followed by lots of time editing and publishing my own newspapers and magazines, it would be impossible for me to simply stop writing.

If I didn’t have my several hours every single day banging the crap out of a keyboard, I think I would go nuts. To a young writer the admonishment is write, write, write. To an old vowel monger, that isn’t necessary, we don’t know how to not write.

There are worries about 2016, of course. Among them are our young university students who seem to be willing to delete the first amendment to our constitution. Now, let’s look at that problem from several angles. University student? No civics background? No understanding of why there is a first amendment?

Well, from another angle, without the first amendment they wouldn’t have the right to complain about it. We complained with strong voices back in the 60s, some of us about the war, some of us about those complaining about the complainers, again, because of the first amendment.

When one studies our constitution, our way of life, one sees the girder holding up that way of life is the first amendment. Without it, there would not be a USA today. We should cheer when someone complains, voices opposition, even those whose education is severely lacking, despite they’re being a university student. Then take the time to educate them.

The second, fourth, and sixth are being hacked at and challenged by those who have sworn to uphold their very existence. I think if we wanted a monarchy we would not have had that big old revolution, or if we wanted a dictator we would not have put term limits on the presidency.

And those that want a monarchy or dictatorship are those most vehemently against the first, second, and fourth amendment.

It’s hard enough to make the right decisions regarding our personal lives, holding or finding new employment, paying or not paying our bills, loving or not loving those we live closest with, and this year, we have to put someone in charge of running the country.

Will that person have an understanding of economics, of foreign policy, of political relationships? Before you mark your X on the ballot, ask the hard questions and understand what could happen if the answer is wrong. There are elements in the world that have a great desire to destroy out country and our people, and some of those elements are homegrown. Some are foreign but funded from many sources. Can you identify those elements? Don’t vote until you can.

One more little thought. While the election of the president is very important, the most important item you’ll find on a ballot is the person at the local level who determines taxes. City Council and County Commission seats are responsible for more of your tax dollars than the federal government, and if you don’t believe that, you better start doing some homework for civics class.

Let’s get back to the good stuff. We have may feet of snow to measure in the high Sierra Nevada for the first time in a while, and that should mean some good fishing this coming spring. It should mean lots of water for corn, beans, tomatoes, and cabbage. Give us this and we’ll hope for another two or three years of heavy winter to bring this drought to an end.

Until next time, read a good book, maybe even one or two written by yours truly, and stay regular.

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