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Friday, January 9, 2015

Stay With Us, Charlie

Satire in all its relevance. The dictionary simply calls satire a literary work in which vices, foibles, and etc. are held up to ridicule and contempt. Sarcasm. Those of a thin skinned nature are not apt to see the humor in satire, may even feel bullied, but it has been the backbone of humor probably from the first time someone made fun of another’s actions, beliefs, or thoughts.

Satire has been a large part of political reporting since the time of the first political reporter, and more often that not, in the form of a cartoon. When one thinks about the concept of the free press one should immediately think political satirical cartoon, for it cannot exist without a free press.

Some are calling religious satire blasphemy, which would take it off the menu, but let’s take a closer look at that. Priests fondling little boys is vividly heinous, but reporting on such behavior is not blasphemy. The actions are not accepted by way of anything written in the bible, so it should be open to satire, sarcasm, reporting.

The exact same thing can be said for Muslims killing women and children of different faiths because they won’t convert.

It isn’t the faith that is being satirized, it’s the way the faith is being manipulated by some within the faith, and done with mirth and humor. In a free society, satire is an important way for us to see the foibles of those wishing to foist something off on us. Without that sarcasm we wouldn’t know about shady deals, evil entanglements, or religious terrorists.

Are you old enough to remember some of the wonderful cartoons that came out of the Watergate scandal? How about Bill Clinton’s escapades with his Lolita in the blue dress? Cartoons brought the deeds to a simple visual level that said, one, just how inappropriate the actions were, and two, how downright funny they were. And you can bet that Tricky Dickey and Uncle Bill were furious when seeing them.

None of the above should ever be justification for wanton murder, whether by religious terrorists or flagrantly stupid politicians. If the answer to a free press is to kill the messenger, then that segment of society doesn’t deserve a free press. I vote for a free press, wild and wooly satire, and an open and free society.

On an upcoming blog, I’ll question where the international intelligence community might have been napping prior to the assault in France, and why a government police agency would respond to an armed assault unarmed? 

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