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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Some thoughts following the election

Our new adventure into politics won’t get officially underway for several weeks, when the new congress will form under Republican leadership, which gives those of us that love to discuss all the ramifications of politics plenty of time to voice our opinions. One thing Libertarians love is to voice an opinion. That’s probably why those who haven’t really studied the philosophy of libertarianism are put off by it. The whole concept is freedom and Libertarians demand their freedom at every opportunity.

Here’s a thought one heading for Washington might want to pick up on: Quit thinking of yourself as a lawmaker and think instead of being a representative. After all, that is your official title. We offered you a chance to represent us first not run off to the hallowed halls to make more laws. We have too many now. If you really want to represent me, rescind many of those over-bearing laws.

I’ve always simplified the question of a potential new law or rule by asking, “is this really a function of government?” More often than not the answer is a resounding “no!” Redundancy is something that one would want in a space ship, but it can overwhelm the legal system. Nay, it has overwhelmed the legal system.

Our form of government has mostly shied away from the concept of socialism. Exceptions of course include Social Security and Medicare. After the SS system was destroyed by President Johnson when he raided it for his War on Poverty coupled with his War in Vietnam, and the utter failure of Medicare as self sustaining, true leadership should have foreseen the coming disaster when Obama Care implodes. Creating the system through lies and deception are not the best way to the hearts and minds of freedom loving people.

And while we’re on the subject of the Vietnam War, what the hell are we doing in the Middle East? All of the conflicts in the area are directly related to a religion and its varying philosophies. Those conflicts cannot be controlled by an armed force representing an entirely different religious philosophy. We’re acting like a school-yard bully demanding respect with the threat of a sock to the jaw.

Our constitution started out strong, made stronger by the first ten amendments, the Bill of Rights, and altered from time-to-time by way of other amendments that were accepted by a super majority of our citizens. Without the first amendment you wouldn’t be reading this little missive, and it’s safe to say that without the second amendment we would be living under a dictatorship brought on by an overly ambitious political group. Other parts of the Bill of Rights are being challenged regularly, think some of the nanny laws being proposed often, and we need to stand strong and protect our way of life.

Freedom to me means I have an opportunity to lead. I’m not very good at being led. I want to make my own decisions about my life as long as I’m not interfering in someone else’s life. I want to be free to make a mistake, or not. I want my government to be very limited and work in my best interests, always keeping in mind that all of us should have the opportunity to prosper. It’s not a right to prosper, it’s a right to have the opportunity to prosper.

Well, this has been fun. Until next time, read good books and stay regular. I remain sincerely yours;

Johnny Gunn

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