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Monday, February 27, 2012

Good News on the Home Front

Once again, we have a little good news on the home front.  On a cold Monday morning with snow swirling around our Cold Springs manor, I got a delightful e-mail from Eva Barrows, editor at Imitation Fruit Literary Journal.  They want to publish my not-quite-a-western, almost-a-fantasy short story, “Horse Sense” in their May 2012 edition.

My 2012 publishing string is pretty good so far.  Rope and Wire published “Three Fingered Jack,” The Storyteller Magazine has published “Good Times on Rios Two,” and in March will publish “Uncle T,” and now, Imitation Fruit will publish “Horse Sense.”

I have two pieces coming out in anthologies.  Flush Fiction, they publish “bathroom readers” has “Cold is my Love” coming out later this spring, and Bottom of the Hill Publishing will include “Big Bear’s Christmas” in their Christmas anthology, probably scheduled out in late fall.

My fantasy novel “The Quest” is under review at a major publishing house in Boston right now, so I have all thirty eight of my fingers crossed on that.

Some writers stay within the confines of a certain genre, but I love writing mystery/crime stories, I have had several fantasy stories published, and westerns are really fun to write.  I would rather be known as a writer than as a (specific genre) writer.  Why limit the possibility of creativity if you don’t have to?

Until next time, dear heart, read good books and stay regular.

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