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Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Most Profound Offering

It's has been a pretty good week for this old manipulator of words and phrases.  I’ve written two new short stories and sent them out to potential publishers, sent out several other stories that have been sitting too long without the benefit of a good washing down in printer’s ink, and queried agents and publishers on a couple of my novels. 

And, it’s been a fair year around the old J bar P Ranchette as well.  My book “Out of the West, Tales of the American Frontier” is available from your favorite book seller, I’ve had two short stories accepted for publication in two anthologies, and in October, The Storyteller Magazine is set to publish another short story.

I’m working hard to create a character I call Simon Sol Dorsey, a 1930s style private detective stuck in the 21st Century.  The stories are crime-mystery-noir, and I’m also putting together a novel length story based on his character.  He’s a gem.  Just for fun’s sake, here is a brief excerpt from the novel, currently titled “Blood of Many Nations.”

            “Die, you son of a bitch, die,” and the big man slammed the cleaver down, again and again, parts and pieces were spattered all over the kitchen, and the strong, muscular man finally wore himself out, sat down at what was left of his kitchen table, smiled to himself, and poured another cup of coffee.  “I hate telephones.”  His was now in a couple of hundred pieces, scattered all around him, but still ringing.  His booze fogged brain slowly told him it was his cell phone ringing.  “I’ll kill it too, if I knew where it was.”  Sunday mornings are hard on Simon Sol Dorsey, Private Detective.
Hope your summer is going smoothly, and as always, read good books and stay regular.

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