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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Independence Day

With the rise of the Tea Party, conservatism has taken another step in the right direction.  More emphasis on fiscal responsibility, more thought as to what the Constitution and all its attendant amendments represent, and recognition of the importance of local government.  With those thoughts driving a large portion of the conservative movement, and coupled with the social section of the republican party, it is a distinct possibility that the White House will have new tenants in January 2013.

It would certainly be interesting to be able to stand next to a few of those that wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and engage them in a debate based on their concept of the good old USA, and our concept of it.  The Industrial Revolution had not begun when Mr. Washington took office and the arguments that were discussed had to do with how big and strong or not the federal government would be.

In other words, we would be debating the same issues; those from the 1780s being the same as these in the early 21st Century.  The Federalists then, the Liberals today.  They are from the same mold, and their arguments haven’t changed.  The answer, they say, to just about any question asked is, more government, more government spending, don’t look back, just spend, grow, spend, grow.

There may come a time when those in Washington actually remember they are supposed to represent the people in their district, may stop giving the illusion of being owned by special interests, and may take personal responsibility for their actions.  That will be followed by an open season on flying pigs.

Until that time, have a grand Fourth of July, raise a toast to those brave souls that put their lives on the line to create this beautiful nation, and vote.  As always, read good books and stay regular.

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