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Friday, May 12, 2017

Big Eight-Wheeler is Steaming

I just barely got the engine to turn over and it’s already the most incredible ride I’ve ever even conceived. I think it would be safe to assume that anyone who gets a piece of work published has the words “best seller” dancing about in the head bone. But for it to really happen? That’s for the S. Kings of the world.

I’ve been living in the stratosphere of the publishing world for well over a month now and ranking results seem to get better each day. In addition to the two books leading the pack, my other westerns are getting a good look as well and their rankings are climbing daily.

It is Jack Slater, Orphan Train to Cattle Baron that got this big eight-wheeler steaming down the tracks. It climbed into the bestseller ranks as a YA novel and within days was accepted in the general western categories for adults and YA. My wife has a wonderful way of keeping me halfway grounded.

“Hey you,” she hollers from the back porch. “Yes, you, internationally acclaimed best selling author, it’s time to muck out the corrals. Get to it, cowboy.” With a square nose muck stick and a wheel barrow I know my place in the world. She’s my love for the rest of our lives. She even lets me wash the dishes. Often.

One month after Jack Slater hit the stacks and the best seller lists, Wolfpack Publishing released Ezekiel’s Journey, and within days it was in the bestseller lists at Amazon.

I was all set to put some magnetic signs on the old flatbed and drive around proclaiming this wonderful status I’m coming to enjoy when I got a little note, in cursive, thank you. Patty left it on my half-empty coffee cup. “Better get that tractor warmed up and get the corn patch ready, buster. Quit burnin’ daylight, cowboy.”

Until next time, read good books and stay regular

Johnny Gunn
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