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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Introspection Anyone?

We’re moving toward the halfway point of the year, which might be a good time for a little introspection and reflection, maybe even some other ection if we can find one.

Our winter brought us some much-needed precipitation to the Sierra Nevada, the western Nevada valleys, and northern Nevada in general. Spring is an entirely different matter. We have gone from ultra gorgeous to fanatically evil on an every other week schedule.

Tomatoes and squash have suffered the most from the drastic changes, which included a hard freeze on June 15. If we can get the wind under high gale force, we might yet have enough veggies to fill the larder. Between chickens and rabbits, our freezer will look good for the summer and winter, but the shelves of home-canned veggies and stuff are empty.

On the publishing front, I’m dancing around like I had good sense. My very long, not quite novella length short story, Red Light Raven, has found numerous friends and appears to be selling well. The second book in the Jacob Chance, U.S. Marshal trilogy was released and is doing well. , and I had some good news from a new publisher, New Pulp Publishing. They have released Blood of Many Nations, the first novel in a planned series featuring wild and crazy private eye, Simon Sol Dorsey, .

Along with all that, Solstice Publishing has offered a contract on an action thriller I’ve been working on for several years called To Serve and Deceive. We are just getting started on the edit process and hope to have this little gem out in the next few months.

A publishing company in Great Britain has an historical frontier fiction piece under review at this time, I have an historical western fiction piece I’m working on, a second Simon Sol Dorsey piece is almost ready for review, and I’m doing research for two other westerns.

I retired from holding a real job several years ago, and I gotta say, I’m working harder now, enjoying the hell out of it more, during these retirement years, than I ever did working for the man.

I get up and five, coffee’s on auto-pilot so with a cup in hand, I feed the horses and chickens with our little Sparky Dog right at (Nay, under) my feet, then feed him, turn on the computer and have at it. When the sun comes up I head out and set the irrigation for the various garden plots, pour more coffee, and get back to it. By ten in the morning all the animals are fed and watered, the veggies are taken care of, and I usually have at least another thousand words in whatever project is on top of the heap that day.

That’s the end of the workday for me. After that, if the weather’s good, I’m outside playing with the animals or messing around in the garden or just sitting in the sun readin’ and grinnin’.

Until next time, read good books and stay regular

Johnny Gunn
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