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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Then, Now, and Tomorrow

We said goodbye to 2015 reluctantly around these parts. As some like to say, 2015, you were a good year in many respects. Financially? No, we’ve done a lot better, but building a foundation on which to grow? A big ole yes on that one. It was a wonderful year for my publishing with four books out plus being part of an anthology that became an Amazon best seller.

If we owned our little rancho there would have been many improvements, but leasing something that was a disaster to start with doesn’t give one much impetus, particularly when the actual owner doesn’t give a damn. Patty and I are looking to buy a small rancho somewhere in Nevada this year. That is a major goal. We’re both good with animals and with growing food, and while we don’t consider ourselves among those looking to be fully self sufficient, we plan on coming much closer than we’ve been.

Patty’s business is finally coming into its own. She’s a trucker’s broker and has men and machines moving all over the country, and it is only necessary for her to have phone and Internet service, so we can live almost anywhere. Somewhere in Humboldt County would be about “Damn Good.” If you have ten or more acres that we can get into on the cheap, let me know. Preferably in Nevada and not in Washoe County.

As for me and my publishing? As any writer, I would love to see more reviews of my work, and I refuse to pay for any. That is simply unethical in my opinion, but it certainly is done by many. I’m working on three major projects right now, one a historical fiction piece centered in about 1851, which may or may not develop into a series; a second book in the Jacob Chance, U.S. Marshal series; and a second book in the Simon Sol Dorsey mystery series. The first Dorsey book is currently under review at a publishing house.

If you would like to take a look at any of my current books on the market, click onto my Amazon author’s page, Several people have asked if I plan a sequel to The Quest, and I have that on my list, but not until I finish my current projects. I have enough work spread out in front of me that will have to live to the century mark to get’er done.

With some luck, and the weather people are cooperating, we’ll have a goodly supply of water for growing food this year. A wet fall and early winter are making me anticipate spending hours with seed catalogs, plotting the land we have available, and doing everything I can to not get on the tractor. It would sink past the hubs I think right now. I haven’t had much luck with heritage tomatoes the last few years. Get big healthy plants and little fruit.

Patty loves to can tomatoes, corn, and green beans, and I love to eat those goodies all winter and following spring. Last season was not as fruitful as we wanted, so I’m getting primed for this year. Let there be another ten or twenty feet of snow along the Sierra crest and several inches of rain in the valley, and a goodly supply of diesel for the tractor. That’s not asking for too much is it?

Yeah, 2015 was a fun year and I’m anticipating excitement in 2016. I just hope it’s positive excitement. No more wars, someone with class, integrity, and intellect in the White House, and a strong economy would fill that bill.

Until next time, read good books and stay regular.

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