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Monday, March 16, 2015

Books, e-readers, and such

Just a couple of quick thoughts on today’s publishing world, in particular, e-books. If the e-readers that are available today, and some cost more than just a few bucks, are examples of today’s technology, what happens to the books twenty five years from now? How much should be invested in something that may be un-readable relatively soon?

What brings this to mind is a wander through an antiques mall recently. One thing that caught my attention was an example of technology from the early 1970s: eight-track tapes. I remember having a fine library of music on eight-track, and when my machine quit, and the machines were no longer on the market, my investment went right out the window.

My current library of books includes many of today’s so-called best sellers, and also includes works by some of my favorite authors, dead now these many years. I can pull those books anytime I wish. I of course dumped the eight-track tapes and built a new library of cassettes, most of which are no longer playable.

I have invested in a CD player, have once again built a fair library of fine music, and wonder just when my CD library will no longer be available because of ‘modern’ technology.

So far, I have resisted purchasing an E-Reader. Once burned and all that. I will continue to purchase hardbound, softbound, and other-bound books and place them on shelves in my library, where I can go anytime in the years I have left, and pull one to read, again and again.

What are your thoughts on this pressing problem?

On my last blog we talked about spring and how it brings out the best in outdoor food, whether in the back yard, at the beach, or in the mountains. One reader, my long time buddy, Mike, responded with the best thing I could imagine. Here’s how he described his favorite spring or summer food adventure.

You made my mouth water! A favorite of mine is to have a medium fire in my Weber. Throw on some soaked wood chips of your liking. Then, cover the grill with oysters in the shell. Cover the Weber. In a few minutes, they will start to open. Carefully open the critters and put a dollop of either your favorite BBQ sauce or garlic butter on each one and let simmer for a few minutes. Food for the Gods.

Until next time, read good books and stay regular.

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