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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Good News on the Publishing Front

The last quarter of 2013 was good to me as far as getting my short stories published, and it looks like the first quarter of 2014 is starting out pretty strong.

* In October, the crime/mystery magazine Yellow Mama
published “A Princess Gone,” featuring a private investigator I have named Simon Sol Dorsey.  I hope you’ll read a lot more about him in the coming years.  He’s a character right out of the 1930s, but finds himself stuck in the 21st Century.

* In December, Western Online
published “A Fine Drive,” a western dating back in the 19th century and featuring a fine old rancher with some wonderful memories, and a tough life ahead.  This is the second story I’ve had in Western Online.

 *Another Simon Sol Dorsey mystery is coming up in February in the pages of Shotgun Honey.

*Also coming up in February is a delightful little story I call “Old Sam and the Wagon.”  You’ll fin it in the pages of Epiphany,

*And another western, “Our Kind of Gold,” dealing with a family facing problems on the prairie in Indian Territory.  The story has been accepted for publication in Frontier Tales, but there is no publication date as yet.  I’ll surely keep you advised.

In previous blurbs I’ve mentioned how much I enjoy writing mysteries and westerns, and I am starting to write more into the sci-fi genre.  I read a lot of sci-fi, love the TV and movies, yes, dear, I am a Trekie, but I haven’t written a lot.  Yet.  Coming soon.

That’s enough blowing my own horn, I’ll just remind you to read good books and stay regular.

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