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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Happy Holidays?

We lived through the mess of attempting to take Christmas away from the masses and replace it with Holidays toward the end of 2005 and now, it seems it is already time for another move to make the end of the year some kind of secular spending spree.  You challenge my thought that this is an attempt to make the season secular?  It's only Christmas that is being challenged.  Not Thanksgiving.  Not New Year's.  Have you heard anyone try to tell you that on the Fourth of July you should say, "Have a good holiday?"

Some might try to say that celebrating Christmas isn't showing Jews or Muslims or Sikhs or Buddhists proper respect.  It isn't their holiday.  It’s supposed to be a Christian holiday, but old Daddy Warbucks got in the way.  It's greed that turned a high holy holiday into a nationwide spending spree that has nothing to do with the birth of a man whose death created an entire religion.  Of course, today, many of those professing to be Christian don’t know how to act like a Christian, but, that’s a whole ‘nother article.

If it wasn't an attempt to secularize Christmas by East Coast elitists then we would not be saying Happy New Year nor would we celebrate Independence Day.  How on earth can we even think of celebrating Columbus Day?  What a slap in the face that is to those from Tibet.  Granted no ships sailed from Tibet to the historically unknown reaches of the North and South American continents but that shouldn't give us the right to do them such a disservice.

There of course is a far better way to solve this created problem.  If you are not a Christian or if you do not feel you should celebrate the birth of Jesus, don't.  Don't put up decorations filled with religious symbol, don't spend huge amounts of money on gifts celebrating Christmas in the manner of St. Nicholas, and most importantly don't tell Christians they can't say Merry Christmas.  And for someone’s sake, quit starting to enjoy your holiday before Hallowe’en, quit trying to destroy my Thanksgiving, and damn it, leave Groundhog Day alone.

This isn't a case of believer versus non-believer; it is the outright theft of a High Holy Day by non-believers masquerading as righteous souls trying to give the appearance of attempting to preserve the dignity of other religions.  Can you spell nanny?  Can you spell Politically correct?  Can you spell progressive Liberalism?

It is also greed.  Retail greed.  For many outside the Christian religion the Christmas holiday is just another three-day holiday, more importantly, a three-month spending spree.  For those that have no religious thoughts about Christmas that's fine, spend your money, sing joyous winter songs, even celebrate the winter solstice with a dance or two, but do not attempt to end the celebration of the birth of Jesus.  That is the ultimate disrespect.  But that’s the way it is with progressive liberals; do not allow for thinking outside their realm of influence, which by the way, is getting smaller and smaller.

If you’ve made it this far, it’s time to talk turkey, if you don’t mind too much.  Well, actually, it will be chicken this year, right out of our own hen house.  Patty and I raised a couple of dozen Rock Cornish Cross hens this year, and we have made a vow we will do this for the next several years.  The most tender, delicious, farm raised chickens I’ve ever had.  We’ll split one right down the middle, into two halves, and slowly BBQ his little body on the Weber, have oven baked oyster dressing, ranch raised green beans, and home made sour dough rolls.

And I’ll bake a sweet potato pie, with just a little bit extra rum, well you know, at this altitude, it boils away quickly, and we’ll top each slice with some French vanilla ice cream.

I’m terribly sorry to have to say, reservations are filled.


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