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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Libertarian or Socialist?

What we’re looking at right now with the Obama-care debate is a distinct separation between those that believe in a free market society and those that demand their government to be in full control of their lives, i.e. socialism.  The idea of someone being personally responsible for their life simply can’t be understood by those that believe in an all powerful government.

More and more we are seeing examples of this in Washington during this crisis that has been created by the debate, if you can really call it a crisis.  For those that believe in personal responsibility and free enterprise, in business being controlled by a free market, in limited government at best, then this shut down is not really a crisis, rather it’s an opportunity to begin the process of slowing government expansion, of limiting spending, of re-creating free market enterprise, and of lifting the burden of government intrusion.

The debates that are meaningful right now are not between the old school Republicans and the old school Democrats.  They are between those with a more Libertarian outlook and those progressives that look to Canada and Britain for their brand of socialism.  While some may believe that a libertarian viewpoint is actually anarchist in nature, and there might be a bit of validity in that, it’s more a case of personal freedom and liberty, of an ability to chart a personal course and be responsible for that, than pure anarchism.

This debate has become centered on two major components of Washington today.  We have Obama-care on the one hand and government intrusion into personal lives by way of spy networks.  We can include the arguments for and against the use of drones to wage war in countries in which we are not at war, and the arbitrary killing of American citizens because they might be different.  In other words, from a libertarian point of view, this government is completely out of control and needs to be reined in.

Our political system is just as wrong minded as our government according to many that lean toward libertarianism.  Those that are sent to Washington are sent to represent us, not the highest bidder.  When leading industries own the government then we are no longer dealing with a free enterprise system.  It is the people that should own the government, the government should be answerable to the people, and the people should be free and safe from foreign invasion, and that should be the limits to government.

There are two ways to change the way our government operates today.  In 1776 we did it the hard way because Jolly Olde England wouldn’t change.  The better way is for us, the people to put a little thought into the election process.  It’s one thing to “toss the bum out,” and another to replace the bum with someone who has the personal integrity to actually represent us, that is, “We the People.”

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  1. Closed minded intolerance is no more attractive when it comes from the left than when it comes from the right. Both parties seem to prefer having their heads buried in the sandbox, with their staff filtering out any possible problems with their agendas; apparently blinded by their own closed minded excesses, or perhaps just because they believe this position makes it easier for the people to kiss their buttocks of the privileged elites.

    Classical liberalism is a philosophy committed to the ideal of limited government and liberty of individuals including freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and free markets. The current leadership of the left appears to be committed to unlimited government, placing limits on individuals including that of speech, the press, and the people to peacefully assembly. The left consists primarily of Privileged Parochial Urbanites who use money as burkas and cannot conceive of listening to anyone who isn’t in 100% agreement with their little circle.

    Much of the conservative leadership utilizes Schopenhauer’s 38 (Unethical) Ways to Win an Argument to silence everyone with even the slightest disagreement. The religious right, in its erroneous claim that America was founded to be a Christian nation, seems to be ignorant of Christ’s teaching to turn the other cheek. A true Christian nation would not fight back if attacked.

    Combined with The Patriot Act, the National Defense Authorization Act, spying programs, and rewarding Wall Street for defrauding the people, Congress essentially issued a divorce decree from the people and the principles the U.S. was founded upon.
    (an excerpt from my new book -Liberty & Mental Health You Can't Have One Without the Other - Which should be completed this week)