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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Syria, Anyone?

It appears as though Mr. Obama has already made up his mind to attack Syria, regardless of what congress may decide.  The Secretary of State, John Kerry, to paraphrase, said that the president will not make a move until congress makes a decision, and at that time will decide whether to attack Syria.  In other words, if congress does not accept the idea of attacking a country that poses no serious threat to this country, then the president will attack anyway.

There, in so many words, is what’s wrong with this current administration.  The country and the congress is not in favor of more stringent gun controls, but the president and his crony attorney general are, so new and stiffer gun controls are mandated by “proclamation.”  Isn’t that, done at the time by King George, what led to our 1776 rebellion?

The country and the congress alarmed by information that this country spies on its own citizens, on foreign governments, and then lies about it, so the president says, it’s alright because I said so.  Sounds like something Mr. Stalin might have said, eh?

Following our failures in Iraq and Afghanistan, the country and the congress appear not in favor of creating a Syrian problem, but this administration is not to be denied.  Mr. Kerry, in a rather bald attempt to favor a few, even invoked the Israel card.  If my perception of history is correct, I don’t think we have ever had to bail Israel out of a problem.  Sell them arms and armament, yes.  Fight for them? No.  If Syria is that big a threat to Israel and Jordan, as Kerry tried to maintain, I’m sure the Israeli air force could take out Assad in just a day or two.

I rather doubt that Saudi Arabia or Egypt is much afraid of Syria.  Right now, the only thing that Syria has going for it is Iran as a primary supporter.  Russia is an ally, and is sure as hell not going to get involved in another middle eastern civil war.  They had their fill in Afghanistan.

So, why are we afraid of Syria?  In this civil war that is going on, both sides have committed serious crimes against each other.  Atrocities far worse than what may not even have been a government gas attack.  There are some that believe the sarin gas may have been exploded by the revels themselves to get the US involved.  But, even if that conspiracy theory holds no water, why is this alleged gas attack more conducive to US involvement than other more vicious and far more deadly attacks performed previously?

Mr. Obama and Mr. Kerry may have grabbed the wrong play-book.  Check it out, gentlemen and make sure the one you’re using wasn’t written by Donald Rumsfeldt and Dick Cheney.  Sure does sound familiar.

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