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Thursday, July 11, 2013

King Obama?

King Obama?

It appears from this distance of more than miles, rather a vast separation of what makes up the concept of “American Citizen,” that the current administration seems to believe  the general public will follow the leader without question, that a regular feeding of lies and deception, coupled with an uncanny ability to “speechify,” will suffice for leadership of a noble kind.  The first thought that comes to mind: Nixonian.  This isn’t simply liberalism run wild for even the hard core of the far left appear amazed at the level of criminality that exists in the Obama administration.  No, this is a power mad egoist with an agenda, and it’s that perceived agenda that I fear most.

Setting aside large areas of the constitution in the name of anti terrorism, denying terrorism when it suits the mood, and cracking the whip over political enemies by way of the most feared arm of the federal government, that is, the IRS, is leading to a scary conclusion.  Oh, and before I forget, stifling the free press, over and over again.  Obama and his henchman, Eric Holder, are looking to stay in power at the end of this current constitutional term, and declare a national emergency to pull it off.

President Obama was a constitutional law professor before his congressional elections and apparently what he learned from that was how to evade the workings of the government of the United States.  The man seems to have no regard for law.  An obvious coup in Egypt, which sets in motion a law that has existed for years forcing the government to end all monetary aid to that country, and Mr. Obama plays semantics to break the law.  Every lawyer learns how the judicious use and mis use of words can influence a situation, but this man is extraordinary in its use.

How does Mr. Obama plan to pull off his own coup?  First and foremost, the general public must be disarmed, and then their personal freedoms must be limited or made non existent.  The first of these points are already underway, and watch what happens when troops are pulled from the near east.

Mr. Obama’s patriotism has been questioned before, and his fealty to the constitution is limited at best.  Where are his core values?  They do not appear to be attached to things like personal freedoms and individual rights as demanded in our constitution, but rather in some vague idea that the presidency is a step toward monarchy, the opposite of what our first president fought so hard to evade.

The major news outlets have let the public down from the beginning of this administration, seemingly to coddle his moves, and even now, they are finding it difficult to report what to many seems so obvious.  Those on the political right have a hard time understanding the concept of the ACLU because they do seem to defend contemptible people, while in reality, they are defending the rights of those contemptible people.  Now, those on the left are finding themselves having a difficult time understanding why so many citizens are screaming about the contemptible actions of the president and his attack dog Holder.

These words you’re reading are public comments on a public soap box, so the federal bloodhounds at NSA would have every right to read this.  They probably are or have.  Paraphrasing, the president. ‘every citizen of this country however, should not fear the government’s current practice of monitoring telephone and e-mail conversations unless they are doing something illegal.’  The government does not have the right to monitor those messages without specific permission from a court, and with a specific goal in mind.

So, it follows, the objective must be greater than finding illusive terrorists, and in my mind, that equates to subduing the populace through fear of its own government, which leads, again in my mind, to clandestine take over of a free and democratic republic.  This man we call president still has three years left in his current term, and only the people can slow or stop his final objective, President for Life.

To paraphrase something that has been paraphrased too many times, “It’s the people, stupid.”  This government came into existence for the benefit of the people, not to provide a haven for government.  It was a fight against an overbearing government that led to the American revolution and this grand experiment we call representative democracy.  And those in congress that are supposed to represent us need to get their act together and begin impeachment hearings soon, before Mr. Obama and his henchman can get their act in full gear, or there might well be a second American Revolution.

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