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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Gun Control or Mind Control?

Gun control or mind control?

It looks like the real colors have been hoisted in the gun control debate currently raging in Washington.  It is not about background checks, it is not about whether or not someone with a slight, severe, or suggested mental deficiency should have the right to own a weapon, it is, simply, this administration has a strong desire to obliterate the Bill of Rights one amendment at a time, starting with the second.
They have plans in the works to take out the first, and the fourth is already shredded by way of detention without representation, and killing of citizens without benefit of even being charged with a crime.
Who is behind all of this?  Some, like the extreme left and the anarchists like to blame the international corporations and their lobbies, and the international banking interests and their lobbies, but I have another thought on that matter.  The hard core left that believe more and bigger government is the answer to all questions also have little regard for the concept of individualism, and if you read the Bill of Rights, it has individualism written in almost every line of thought, not a big strong federal government.
Men and women like Holder, Obama, Pelosi, and Boxer detest the concept of an individual actually being able to be responsible for herself of himself, not being a sheep willing to run with the flock, or go over the cliff with their fellow lemmings.  The fear in their hearts runs deep for right now, the majority of voters in this country is probably a mix of independents and libertarians, and to be one or the other, one must think from a critical angle.  That is how you spell individualism.  That is what created the Bill of Rights in the first place.  And that puts blazing fear in the hearts of those that can only believe something is good when it’s done by government.
It was a strong central government with strong controls and demands that led to the 1776 revolution in the first place, it was strong leadership from many with individualism in their hearts that led to our Constitution and the Bill of Rights attached to it.  An individual’s rights have no place in socialism, and right now, the federalists running the current administration are working overtime to destroy the last remnants of the Bill or Rights, one amendment at a time.
The power base of the current administration comes from those that rarely think past their next government offering.  This beat up old libertarian is of the opinion that come the 2014 elections, many of us are going to have to demand some critical thinking from those seeking office if they want our vote.  There should be nothing more important than individual freedoms as offered by our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and it’s going to take a strong effort to protect what we are slowly losing.
Has it been awhile since you’ve read the Bill of Rights?  Click on this site and you’ll also have a chance to read the Constitution:
As always, read good books and stay regular.

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