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Friday, January 25, 2013

Regarding the Current Gun-Rights Debate

First, I must make the necessary caveat.  I own weapons, and have since I was twelve years old when I received my first .22 rifle, a Mossberg, tubular feed, bolt action.  I rarely go hunting any more, mainly because the Nevada Wildlife people have allowed the herds and flocks to decline radically.  My wife, Patty and I love to shoot black powder, have participated in many rendezvous, and will continue to do so.  My dad was a life member of the National Rifle Association, I grew up with the NRA safety rules bounced off my head regularly but have never joined the group.  Their safety training is the best in the world.

All of that said, the current arguments to limit or do away with the Second Amendment have little credence.  If every law in the books today were acted on by the agencies responsible, there would still be violence, from guns, from knives, from hammers, from anything that could be considered a weapon.  When a person is robbed late at night in an awkward part of town, and dies from the inflicted knife wound, there is a mention in the paper.  When a person shoots his neighbor, in a nicer neighborhood there is a front page headline.

An argument was offered recently that is seriously naïve.  The argument was that any nation with bombers, fighter aircraft, nuclear weapons, or other weapons of mass destruction could attack the United States and all the weapons in private hands would have no effect.  Nonsense.  The argument was probably written by someone who has never seen military service.

Atomic bombs, other bombs, other weapons have never won a war or battle.  It still takes an invading force, and any fool that thinks the many millions of weapons in the private hands of American citizens aren’t a deterrent, isn’t thinking.  That is the primary purpose of the Second Amendment.  Its secondary purpose is to keep the government in power in check, and if you don’t believe that you haven’t read your history.

History does tell us that the Second World War was won through the use of the atomic bomb.  But, it was the government of Japan that would not accept the fact they were whipped until two of those monsters had to be dropped.  It kept us from having to invade, and it’s the invasion and subsequent win that would determine the victory should some despot be foolish.

There was no standing United States army in 1776, only bands of revolutionaries willing to take out the government in power at the time.  Those revolutionaries became Washington’s army, and even then most were considered private militia.  The constitution and Bill of Rights made it clear that we will be a free nation because of a well armed militia.

The current administration, from day one of the first term, has made it clear they plan to make serious changes in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.  Naming Eric Holder as Attorney General should have sent red flags screaming up flag poles across the nation.  The continued arresting and holding of American citizens without charges, without benefit of counsel, and the activity at Guantanamo and secret CIA sites where fingernails can be ripped from someone or water dripped in forced open mouths, and the drone attacks on countries on which we have not declared war are all unconstitutional, yet adored by this administration.

Now, we have the man lovingly known to his far left supporters as “Uncle Joe’, in reality, one that those of us who believe in the constitution should be most frightened.  When Holder was outed, President Obama called in his other attack dog, Vice President Biden.

This is not the time to sit back and hope the other guy gets the job done.  There is a full frontal assault on our rights as citizens of this country, and it is time to stand up and be counted, because if we don’t, there will come a knock on your door, probably about three a.m., and men with black hoods and big rifles will take you and your rightfully owned weapons into custody, and your neighbors will not know where you went, nor will they see you again.

Have a great day and read good books.

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