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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election 2012, My Final Chapter on the subject

The Republican party was kidnapped several elections ago by the rabid religious right, and this current debacle, Election 2012, is the final result.  The party, to exist in the future, will have to go back to its origins of fiscal conservatism, state’s rights, and minimum federal government.  Oh, my, doesn’t that sound familiar?  As if it came straight from the mouth of Ron Paul.

Yes, most of what Libertarians profess today is straight from the GOP play book of a couple of decades ago.  We need a strong military to defend our shores not change the leadership of other countries.  We need a federal tax code that can actually be understood by a high school graduate.  We need high school graduates that can read and write.  And we need a middle class that is not controlled by Homeland Security measures picked up in some third world dictatorship.

Our small business communities need to be able to operate efficiently and profitably with as little federal intervention as possible.  Those businesses need to be able to hire an educated staff, not a staff that knows how to cheat its way through federal tests.

It’s time for those that still call themselves Republican to divorce the party from those that have altered what Grand Old Party really meant.  Jefferson wrote about “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”  He did not write about guaranteed happiness by way of federally demanded welfare, coupled with food stamps and federally subsidized housing.  To pursue that state of happiness was the goal, the American Dream, if you will.

Despite what some courts seem to think, our constitution was written in stone, in particular those first ten amendments, and if Libertarians had their way, and what the GOP should be striving for, is a federal government that follows the strictures of that magnificent document.  The GOP needs to spend a great deal of time during this next election cycle remembering what the party was, remembering names like Ike and Reagan, in the short haul, and do a little research on times before those Republican giants.

A marriage of Libertarianism and old world Republicanism, led by some brilliant young minds with elegant speaking abilities, and this old country just might find its way back to a position where the average Jack and Jill can hold their heads high.

The Old Guard of the current Republican party, and their lack of understanding what the party was and should be, led to this debacle.  Shame on you, and now, please stand aside and let the vigorous young bucks with strong Libertarian ideals take the podium.

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