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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ramblings on a cold morning

Just some rambling thoughts as we near another glorious weekend in northern Nevada.

Harvey Whittemore indicted on federal election law charges for giving excessive amounts of money through the devious manner of using relatives and employees, while the Supreme Court allows corporations to act as individuals and give excessive amounts of money through devious … oh well, you get the point.

If a corporation can be classified as an individual, therefore be covered by the First Amendment, then any group, incorporated or not, should be.  That would include the Boy Scouts, the Ku Klux Klan, and of course, General Motors.  Oh, my.

And while we’re on the subject of good old boy Whittemore, do you remember that it was Harry Reid who had the U.S. Government officially move the official home of the desert tortoise so Coyote Springs could be built?  Who says the American dollar has no value any more?

This weekend, June 9-10, rendezvous in Carson City.  Next weekend, June 16, poker ride with the Back Country Horsemen in Red Rock area.  Following weekend, June 22-23-24, June Doin’s with ECV.  No wonder nothing gets done around the old rancho.  They named this place Cold Springs Valley, not for the cold water flowing from the natural springs that no longer fill White’s Lake, but for the damn cold, cold, cold climate.  How many times does my beautiful bride have to plant tomatoes this year?

I created a character, Jacob Chance, and made him a U.S. Marshal, and wrote a little short story about him that was generously published in Rope and Wire western e-magazine, and I can’t get the dude out of my head.  Now, I’m starting to put together what I hope will end up being a large novel about the dude.  If I get it done, and if I get it published, I hope you’ll buy at least one copy for yourself and another for a good friend.

Sad to have to say goodbye to one of my all time favorite writers.  Ray Bradbury died at the delicious age of 91.  It isn’t the extent of the vocabulary that makes a good writer, it’s how that vocabulary is manipulated.  He was a master.

Well, must be off now.  Time to replant something that froze last night.  Remember, read good books and stay regular.

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