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Monday, August 8, 2011

We the People

Reading so many thoughts coming from so many different angles following the debt limit fiasco in Washington, I have come to the conclusion that too many people don’t seem to understand the concept of our democracy.  Sure, the tea partiers made their voices heard, that’s why they were elected in the first place.  Sure Harry Reid flaunted his power and demanded the liberal voice be the only one to be heard.  That’s why he was elected.

Those in Washington are there because they were elected.  How they got elected is the question that needs to be debated.  Were they there because of a grass roots, passionate campaign, or were they there because special interests bought them their seat?  If the latter, then shame on the voters.  Regardless, they are there because we put them there.

“We” may a majority of liberals, may be a majority of conservatives, may be a majority led by who-knows-what, but it is We the People that did the deed.  One pundit actually wrote “The tea partiers have stolen congress.”  He never once accepted the concept that those people were elected to do just that. 

If you think the tea partiers are ultra strong in their anti government beliefs, think back to the ultra liberal days of LBJ and company.  In both cases, then and now, those in congress got there because we elected them.

As usual, have a great day, read good books, and stay regular.

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