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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cut Off the Snake's Head

Chopping off the head of the snake does not stop the head from still being able to bite.  More than one hiker has learned this the hard way when dealing with rattle snakes.  That said, the head of the filthy snake known as al Quaida is dead and gone, but what he started is still very much alive.  Whether or not he made plans to continue the Saudi Royal Family’s financial support is another question.

Al Quaida has been financed by bin Laden from the start, his money coming from the oil the Saudi Royal Family allows the U.S.A. to buy.  If that money doesn’t continue to flow, the terrorist organization is likely to splinter into many factions, and watch closely for the Muslim Brotherhood to step into the void.  This extremist group is just as dangerous as bin Laden’s ever was.

The Muslim Brotherhood is trying to portray themselves as a political party in Egypt right now, but their plans include creating shia law in every government in the Middle East, and to destroy any attempt at democracy.  Their means are right out of every terrorist handbook that has ever been written.  This group is probably already bringing al Quaida supporters on board.

One has to believe that members of various government agencies in Pakistan were very aware of where bin Laden was at all times during the past decade, and there must be many middle and upper level management types that are supporters of dead man.  Pakistan isn’t like Egypt or Syria or Bahrain.  Pakistan has atomic warfare capabilities, and if radical elements of al Quaida or the Muslim Brotherhood get into leadership positions in the Pakistani government, the entire Middle East will be under nuclear threat.

The snake’s head is cut off, but that snake is still very dangerous.

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